We are a food truck company based on the beach region of Los Angeles. Our targets are people having fun on the beaches and along the city streets. They need food and so we prepare best foods for them, ready for consumption. Our chefs are renowned for delicious and handsomely prepared burgers and hot dogs. On spotting our food truck, you will definitely guess f something cool coming your way. It’s a wholesome truck with everything we need to keep the fun rolling. You place the order and we work on it in minutes.

Our mission

We are working on combining the basics with the new techniques of preparing fast foods. That’s because we want to take street food to a whole new level. We pick the best and fresh ingredients to prepare burgers. The end products are usually awesome as our clients demand. They can’t wait to have another burger. We are operating somewhere within the Los Angeles beach region and along the streets during the weekdays as well as weekends. The weekends come with extra fun where we add on the menu, the breweries. You should check out where we are located on daily basis and come get the share of the fun.

How to reach us

It’s simple. You give us a call and we tell you where you can find us. If you are not within our location, then worry not. We will come to your location. It’s the main reason we have a mobile van. It’s our important asset acting as the kitchen, vehicle, catering room, shop and everything else. If you are a regular visitor of the Los Angeles beaches, then you must have noticed our operation mode. You perhaps know where we park our truck and conduct business. You are welcome as well to come and buy. We won’t disappoint. We never disappoint.

Where to find us

In general, we are within the Los Angeles city beach area. However, we get mobile and not necessarily parking at the same spot forever. In this consideration, you may need to know our location for you to have your next dream burger. You don’t have to gamble looking for us everywhere on the beach. No, all you need is to follow up on where we are or where we are headed. The social media is a platform we make us of to notify our esteemed clients on where we will be located on certain days.

Operation hours

We are right there at the perfect time when you need us. We know how people plan their lifestyles. At the mornings, they will not be anywhere near foods.in any case, they will be at home preparing for the day ahead. It is after 11 am that people start demanding for snacks and burgers. And that the time we show up. We deliver our delicious foods at the time you need them most. And that continues till evening. For Fridays and weekends, we consider pushing on to around 10pm.