Many may see a crew of chefs on a truck. Well, there is more in us than just mobile selling. We offer catering services on your special event. Just benchmark on how we do our catering for the burgers and dogs. It will show you the bigger picture of what we can do for even the big events. Our burgers are handsome and tasty. You can rest assured that even your food will adopt the same style during your wedding or any other special occasion. We are a full catering service company operating within Los Angeles. We are inspired by the traditional as well as the modern techniques of cooking. Our food has the much needed special flavours that will leave everyone wanting more. If your eatables don’t form the topic of discussion during your event, something must be wrong somewhere. We guarantee the food will be part of the discussion if you have us on board.

Among the best caterers

Catering is all about the chef skills. How well are they able to prepare only the best foods that they appear delicious even before they get to the mouth? Well, if you are looking for that standard, we got it. Blue monkey – beach area LA are rated among the best caterers in the region. We prepare our foods from scratch by first gathering the essential ingredients. All these are natural and fresh as we want to fill your stomach with healthy content to keep you growing. Our secret recipes cannot be compared to the internet content. We cook what is proven and tested. We guarantee only the tastiest foods at your event. You and your guests deserve something special then.

Events we cater for…

Whatever kind of an event you have, we can help you handle the catering bit professionally. Such events include get-togethers, graduations, weddings, birthdays, festivals, backyard parties, corporate events, special dinners etc.

Custom catering

We adjust our catering service to meet your request as you see fit. We extend our catering hours to match your event. Prices are negotiable and depends on the menu adopted. You just need to make a request or fill our catering form and make the order.

We understand what exactly hosts want for their guests; something special and a god time. From the smallest dishes to the biggest that we will serve at your event, we promise they will be the best in outlook and taste. Be sure that your guests will be calling or visiting you to talk about the amazing diet they had.

Catering is our passion. Contact us to have a share of it.