There are all types of businesses around Los Angeles. Some occupy huge areas while others it’s just a small area. Others aren’t permanent and that’s where we fall. We are a mobile food truck business targeting the people on the beach and along Los Angeles street regions. We do everything inside the truck. Whether it’s cooking, catering, serving and the transaction bit as we sell our delicious burgers and dogs to our clients. It’s an integrated system we have inside the truck. One thing we require is enough and unobstructed storage for the truck. We need to have it parked at a suitable location for business purposes. As a matter of fact, the truck can be compared to a shop. If we have it stored or parked at a hidden place, business sales will be much reduced. That is unlike when the truck is out there in the open where all can see.

We operate best parking lots

Our kind of business requires strategic planning to know which spots are more attractive to people opting to buy burgers, chicken and hot dogs. Our truck is mobile and we have to spot the best locations where we can park it and make sales. The good part here is that we operate the most convenient parking lots around Los Angeles. Even when we are not operation say during morning and night hours, we store our food truck in these lots.

Affordable and 100% safe

As a business, these are two factors we cannot ignore. Affordability determines whether we can afford the charges for parking and storage. To our advantage, the storage lots are up for grabs at a cheap price that we can easily sustain. That keeps us delivering the best foods you desire at the beach area.

And these storage lots are safe. We have never complained of having lost a food truck or anything inside the truck. Nobody will tamper with our truck once it is parked. We get it in the same condition we left it the previous day.

We thrive through the competition

Not a single business is not threatened by the rising levels of competition. We understand this and that is why we work hard to ensure that we control the perfect locations where you can easily find us. The competition in the food truck industry is on the rise. But we are ready for it.

Let us know when you require our handsome foods and we will have them at your location. We never stop making these delicious diets.