Blue Monkey Beach Area

The best from the best

Los Angeles is the place you just want to be in. you got covered in all aspects of fun. If you wish to go swimming in the sandy beaches, you got that in plenty. Other fun activities include cinemas. But when you go out to have fun, you need to take care of the center man. Your stomach needs feeding no matter what time it is. And special tours call for special foods. Blue monkey – beach area is a mobile food store where you can get ready and mouth-watering foods. We got your juicy loaded burgers fresh and professionally prepared. A wide variety of these are available. We can make a custom one to suit your needs. Secret recipe burgers you will never find anywhere else are readily available.

And not just burgers,

there is a whole lot more in store. We also serve hot dogs, healthy salads, chicken, rolls and other main foods. Side orders include fries, onion rings, olives coleslaw etc. We cater for your individual needs, couple needs as well as event needs. If you can’t wait to taste our delicious foods, give us a call and we will be where you want us when you want us around the beach area Los Angeles.